VOTD – Mumford & Sons // “The Wolf”

The sun came out in Jersey today and it felt like the first day of summer.

Like most people, I’m sure I’m not the only person who has specific music they listen to at certain times of the year. When fall comes around I start bringing out my Fleetwood Mac and Jose Gonzalez, winter I devote to the Ratpack and summer, well summer’s when I like to dance and I like to rock.

I have a lot of albums that I associate with summer: Kings of Leon’s Come Around Sundown (as well as Mechanical Bull), Foster the People’s Torches, Marina & the Diamonds’ Electra Heart, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals The Lion, The Beast, The Beat, I mean I could be here for days.

But if there’s one album that signals summer’s fast approaching for me, it’s Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind.

For Wilder Mind, M&S decided to put down the banjos and just rock. Contrary to popular opinion, I really liked when M&S went back to their roots and plugged in. With a little help from another one of my favorites, Aaron Dessner from The National, they put out one of the greatest (and underappreciated) rock records of the last five years—yeah, I said it. 

The genius of this records lies with the fact that although the overall sound and musical structure went in a different direction, the things that make M&S so great—their lyricism and sentiment—didn’t.

So as the sun beat down on my face today, I whipped out my copy of Wilder Mind, put on track number three, rolled down the windows and rocked on cause damn it, summer’s almost here.

So grab your headphones, plug ’em in and vibe with me and Mumford & Sons “The Wolf.”

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