VOTD – Jack Peñate // Pull My Heart Away

Ever have one of those nights where you find your old iPod at the bottom of a forgotten box at the back of your closet and decide to go on a binge of your old high school playlists?

No? Just me? Bueller?

Well, that’s exactly what I did last night . . . and, inadvertently, into this morning.

While doing some spring cleaning, I came across one of my various memory boxes that I hadn’t touched in years just collecting dust at the back of my closet. After gagging over the awful jewelry and embarrassing photos that encompassed most of the box, I found my purple iPod nano laying in the corner, in need of a dusting and some charging.

Now, I’ve gone through many different music devices in my life, but this iPod will always be a special one to me because of the years of my life it represents. They say never go back to high school but man did this bad boy bring me back.

After it hit 100%, I put on my headphones, lied down and let all of the amazing (and amazingly awful) music that made up my high school days play as memories ran through my head like music videos.

Naturally, I fell asleep. But as I woke up I found that my iPod was still playing (they just don’t make em’ like they used to, now do they?) And for the first time in almost seven years, I rediscovered this gem that I had almost completely forgotten about—even though it inspired the name of my old Tumblr blog at one point. Go figure.   

So grab your headphones, plug ’em in and vibe with me and Jack Penate’s “Pull My Heart Away.”


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