VOTD – Grace Mitchell // “NOW”

Today I randomly woke up with a Grace Mitchell song in my head.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Portland’s own cool-girl songstress Grace Mitchell, GET WITH IT. This girl has talent oozing out of every her pore and she may just be the most rad 19-year-old in the game today. Seriously, don’t sleep on her.

But as I said, I woke up today with one of her songs in my head. However, it wasn’t the one this post is about – it was one of her other bangers, my personal anthem of 2016, NOLO.

So I did what I normally do in these situations and opened up Spotify. As I went to put the track on, I noticed that, unbeknownst to me, Grace recently put out a new single. I pressed play and then proceeded to let out my loudest and heartiest “YAAAAS” of the week (granted, it is only Monday.)

The song is freakin’ great. The video she just put out last week is also freakin’ great. All in all, it’s pretty freakin’ great.

So grab your headphones, plug ’em in and vibe with me and Grace Mitchell’s “Now.”

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